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Ideas for Kitchenettes

Oversize Armoires: One great kitchenette that you can create is one that is inside an oversize armoire. You can put inside the oversize armoire a:

  • Sink
  • Microwave
  • Mini refrigerator

Using this setup for your kitchenette would make it perfect if you have a loft, a guesthouse or office space that you want to put a small kitchen in.

A Second Kitchen: Another cute type of kitchenette is going to fall into the convenience camp. A beautiful second kitchen is going to be one that is literally adjacent to your dining room and is going features a refrigerator and freezer drawer. With the use of a second kitchen, you can serve things such as coffee and other drinks easily from it. The sink and bar in the area could be concealed behind beautiful some type of doors as well.

Open Shelves: Open shelves are going to provide you with plenty of storage space. You can use these types in designs in areas such as a finished garage. You can also place these open shelving areas under a window. This convenient setup is going to allow your garage able to be used as an entertaining space that opens to the outdoors, which is a win for everyone.

New Designs of Appliances: You can find many new appliances on the market today that are going to make designing a kitchenette much easier than you ever believed. A microwave drawer that can be added to the kitchenette can be perfect for making popcorn or heating up beverages. Always look for appliances that are going to serve more than one purpose for your new kitchenette.