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The Benefits of Having a Great Kitchen Island

Here are a few benefits you can enjoy or we can say that a few reasons why you should invest in an island:

1. Adds More Storage Area: If you cooking place is lacking storage areas, an island may solve the problem by acting as an extension. It adds a storage area in addition to cabinetry that does not interfere with the main preparation area. There are a number of great storage solutions you can incorporate into it such as cabinets, pull out shelving, open shelves, wicker baskets, or even a mini indoor planter for herbs.

2. Adds Versatility: Being multi-functional, it adds versatility and a moving one can be a big help during your daily chores. It acts like a counter space when you need to cook a huge meal which requires a separate section for preparation. If you have a small space, you can move it to the place of your choice and use according to your needs.

3. Offers Seating Space: If you are concerned about the seating in your kitchen, an island can solve your problem by providing a place for family and friends to sit. A well-designed one can provide enough space to prepare meals as well as enjoy them by converting it into a dining table and adding chairs according to its size and shape.

4. Endless Options: A plethora of options is available for every budget to make it the focal point of your kitchen. There are a number of layout ideas that you can consider depending on the availability of the space and your budget. Some of the popular layouts include basic built-in, tow-tier, cooking centre, irregular shape, butcher block, and more. The material options are also endless such as stained concrete, solid surfaces, granite, or custom wood.

5. Makes a Social Space: Today, kitchens are not just used to prepare and cook meals, they have evolved to become an entertainment place. It has become a place where family and friends gather to have a quality time. An island can work as a social hub of your home where you can prepare, cook and spend quality time with your loved ones.